Diário de um grafista da TV em Timor

O olhar fotográfico e as experiências de Nicolau Tudela (profissional do departamento gráfico da RTP) durante um período de formação em Timor.


Why I did go to school?

Why I did go to school? To ear some cientist bought by some politics
who want to cut in the money spend in education!!? Ok.
So read this, is the news of the century!


Typographer's Garden

"These giant leafy letters are about 2 metres high and were spotted along the Pacific Highway in Northern NSW at the Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens. If there are any topiary artists out there who are well-versed in the art of trimming hedge-letters let me know how it's done!"
::for the love of type::


Transe Forme

Uma grande exposição retrospectiva de um dos mais importantes nomes da bd.


Stage Design: "The Claw"

"The Claw", stage design of U2's 360° Tour by Willie Williams

photo credits: Victor Afonso at Coimbra concert 2010


Cavaco on the road

Mention at ñh7 Awards


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