Abril, 3-7_ESAD

UNDERWARE is a graphic design studio which specializes in designing and producing typefaces. These are often conventional in terms of legibility — yet functional, having concepts that seek for new visual, typographic and linguistic possibilities. These typefaces are published for retail sale or are custom designed.¶ The company was founded in 1999 by Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki.¶ We are based in Den Haag, Helsinki and Amsterdam.


João Oliveira said...

Silent judo battle, part 01:
Salsburg, March 2006

A type design competition with snow, where the essence is to impress others with your lettering by battling in words.

One competition, one battle. Man against women. Boys against girls. No physical contact, just create typography. Speed matters, every participant gets 15 minutes to create his piece of type, he has a couple of rounds every day to prove that his type is more mind blowing than the typographic pieces made by others. Practice your lettering skills. Become a type designer in a week. Make your lettering on the snow, the wind and snowing will take the lettering away after a while, and prepares a perfect blank field of snow, ready for new lettering!

...já dá para aumentar a curiosidade em relação ao de cá.

João Oliveira said...

Alguém sabe one se podem recolher mais informações?...ou só mesmo ligando para a ESAD?

Raquel Santos said...

sei que ainda há 3/4 vagas e são 250 euros por pessoa, ajuda??????

João Oliveira said...

250 Euros?! Ajuda a desencorajar um bocadinho;)...mas seriam muito bem empregues!


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